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  • Keeper's Corner is the home to over 120 Vendors with 20,000 square feet.  It is located in the old Lucas and Howard Furniture building.  The building was built in 1922 and is an antique in itself.

  • The Vendors of Keeper's Corner keep their display areas full of the greatest things including glassware, furniture, home gifts, art metal,  crafts and many other items too numerous to mention.  A person can spend hours in the store and not see everything.

  • Keeper's Corner  LLC Antique, Craft and Collectible Mall was started in  Janruary 2,  2007.  Since that time  total sales  have grown approximately 30%  each year despite tough economic times.

  • How it all came about...Bonnie and Scott Teeples are the owners and operators of Keeper’s Corner LLC - Antique, Craft and Collectible Mall. When the announcement was made that Crafters Market was closing at the end of 2006, customers and vendors alike, asked if the Teeples’ would consider opening a new store. And so Keeper’s Corner was born!

  • The owners…  Bonnie and Scott are the parents of six wonderful grown children, and the grandparents of eleven of the cutest grandchildren on earth!! They have lived in the Klamath Falls area since August of 1974. Scott was a teacher at Mazama High School for 34 years, and has coached wrestling for 34 years, football for 10 years and girls softball for 12 years. Bonnie was a stay at home mother until their youngest child entered school.  Bonnie is an active member of NaFCE (National Association for Family and Community Education).  She served as the National president of the NaFCE organization and is currently the Oreogn FCE State Treasurer. 

  • The Teeples’ answered an ad in the Nickel to rent a space in a craft mall, and that created a monster!!! They started with one 4x6 ft booth in Crafters Market, and within a couple of years were renting several more booths. Over the fourteen years they were in Crafters Market, the Teeples have seen crafting trends come and go, and have changed some of their items with the trends. However, there are some items that are customer favorites that they continue to produce.

  • They both enjoy crafting, and creating items of beauty for the home and yard. Scott does wood work and metal art, and Bonnie does country and primitive decorating accents for the home and yard. Scott continues to sub at the various schools in the Klamath Basin and ref volleyball and wrestling. Both are very involved in the National Association for Family and Community Education (FCE). 

  • Bonnie was the manager of Crafters Market for fourteen years, and brings to Keeper’s Corner the management and people skills necessary to make the business successful.

About Keeper's Corner Antique, Craft and Collectible Mall

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Abbie Jeffrey
Jerry Davis
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Perla Arias
Sheri Kinnan
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The Keeper's Corner  Staff Members

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Paula West
Laurie Davis
Marie Carlson
Rosa Arias
Julie Bruce
Sue Campbell
Sunrise over the Wheat Field
Staff Member
Sunrise over the Wheat Field
Staff Member
Sunrise over the Wheat Field
Staff Member
Sunrise over the Wheat Field
Staff Member
Sunrise over the Wheat Field
Sunrise over the Wheat Field
Staff Member
Staff Member
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